TheWashDog - Our New Location on 16th Ave

We Have Moved!

By The Wash Dog | April 30, 2020

We are now moved completely into our new location: 10623 16th Ave SW and will open as soon as the virus health crisis can be brought under control.  We and thousands of other businesses must remain closed until further notice, via the Governor’s Office.  We should be able to open in the Governor’s Phase 2 of the “Re-Opening” plan, hopefully sometime in June 2020.  We will keep you posted on any progress we hear. Stay safe everyone! Hope to see you soon!

State Mandated Closure

By The Wash Dog | March 24, 2020

The Wash Dog is now closed via the Washington State mandated “Stay at Home” order. We will re-open at our new location, 10623 16th Ave SW, as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing everyone at our new location as soon as this crisis levels out. Stay safe everyone!

Our Last Day to Wash Your Dog on California Ave.

By The Wash Dog | March 16, 2020

Don’t forget. Sunday the 15th is the last day to wash your dog at 6400 California Ave SW. We will re-open self-wash on the 24th at our new location: 10623 16th Ave SW.

We Are Moving in March

By The Wash Dog | March 1, 2020

March is the month we finally move to our new location: 10623 16th Ave SW. Self-service dog washing will be shut down on March 16th with plans to re-open self-service on Tuesday, March 24th at the new location. Grooming customers with appointments will be notified by phone of groomer move dates. The last day to wash your dog at 6400 California Ave SW will be Sunday, March 15th. We are excited about our new location opening!  Stay tuned for updates!

Daisy on President’s Day, 2020

By The Wash Dog | February 16, 2020

Daisy, just hangin’ with her owner at The Wash Dog. She seems happy to hear that we will be open normal hours on Monday, Presidents’ Day!

Baths are Hungry Work

Baths are Hungry Work!

By The Wash Dog | December 4, 2019

Before we jump into the rinse, how about a snack or two, or 30. Getting a bath is such hungry work!

Presidents’ Day

By The Wash Dog | November 25, 2019

Yes, we will be open regular hours on Monday, Feb 17th, Presidents’ Day!

Visit Our Amazon Page

By The Wash Dog | January 6, 2018

To find Wash Dog recommended products, visit our page on Amazon:

Local Photographer Display at The Wash Dog

By The Wash Dog | August 24, 2017

Showing now at The Wash Dog:  A series of extraordinary pet photos by local artist Erika Smith.  Come view how she brilliantly captures the essence of each pet she photographs.

Loyalty Program

By The Wash Dog | December 30, 2016

Don’t forget about our Self-Service Loyalty Program. After 10 washes, your next one is free!