Southwest Seattle's Do-It-Yourself
or we can do it for you bathhouse for pets.

Bond with your pet in a self-service bathing room complete with all the ingredients to make your pooch sparkle.  Or pamper your pet with our full-service professional bathing and grooming services. Whether it's a bath and brush-out or a full spa experience with grooming, paw softening or tooth brushing, your pet will leave refreshed, looking good and feeling special.

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Wash your dog in one of our self-service bathing rooms complete with enclosed bathing stations, warm water, non-toxic shampoo* created especially for dogs, ear cleaner with pads, towels, aprons, combs, brushes and professional non-heating blow dryers.

We clean up the mess!
Only $25!

Closing Times
6:30 pm Monday Through Friday
4:30 pm Saturday and Sunday.


*Our house shampoo is Ultra Clear, a hypo-allergenic shampoo, specifically ph balanced for dogs.


Multiple Dog Discount!
Have two, three, or more dogs?
Your first dog is $25
and only $10 more per additional dog!
(Using the same room)

Psst! Did we mention that after your 10th wash, your next self-service is free?

Professional Grooming

Let our professionally trained groomers make your pet look even more fabulous than they already do. Your pet will be thoroughly bathed and dried, combed and brushed with, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and professional hair/fur styling.

Starting at $85, depending on size, drying time and complexity of styling.

Wheaton Terrior that is off white with brown muzzle named Fiona facing the camera while sitting.
Melissa's groom for one of our favorite Wheaton Terriors, Fiona!

Professional Bathing

Let our professional bathers do the work for you. Your pet will be thoroughly bathed and dried, combed and brushed free of mattes, given a nail trim and ear cleaning.
Starting at $50, depending on size of dog and drying time.

Bathers will only work hair mats that can be removed through gentle combing or brushing.  With more serious matting our professional groomers will need to clip or shave the mats for the comfort and safety of your pet.  We will consult you in advance of any work being done. For dogs with fleas, owners will be notified prior to starting any flea treatment.

A cream colored corgi-retriever looking mix profile view while staring a the camera.
Poncho, a unique corgi-x, getting his haircut by Mel.

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