We gladly offer the following services to our valuable customers:


Wash your dog in one of our self-service bathing rooms complete with enclosed bathing stations, warm water, non-toxic shampoo created especially for dogs, ear cleaner and pads, towels, aprons, combs, brushes and professional non-heating blow dryers.  We clean up the mess!  Only $25 

Self-Service closes at 6:30 pm on weekdays and  4:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Our house shampoo is Ultra Clear, a hypo-allergenic shampoo, specifically ph balanced for dogs.

Professional Bathing Services

Let our professional bathers do the work for you. Your pet will be thoroughly bathed and dried, combed and brushed free of mattes, given a nail trim and ear cleaning. Starting at $70, depending on size of dog and drying time. 

Bathers will only work hair mats that can be removed through gentle combing or brushing.  With more serious matting our professional groomers will need to clip or shave the mats for the comfort and safety of your pet.  We will consult you in advance of any work being done. For dogs with fleas, owners will be notified prior to starting any flea treatment.

Professional Grooming Services

Let our professionally trained groomers make your pet look even more fabulous than they already do. Your pet will be thoroughly bathed and dried, combed and brushed with, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and professional hair/fur styling.  Starting at $90, depending on size, drying time and complexity of styling

Spa Experience

Nails & Paws

  • Nail Trims (Clippers or Dremel) - $30
  • Shea Butter Paw Creme (worked into dry and cracked pads) - $15
  • Pad Scoop (includes nails) - $38


  • Teeth Brushing - $25


  • Flea Treatment (Shampoo and Flea Removal Added to Grooming/Bathing Service - $25

Specialty Shampoos & Conditioners

$5 per bottle

  • Odor Eliminator (smelly dog)
  • Whitening
  • Flea Shampoo
  • Oatmeal
  • Conditioner

Sprays of Cologne, Treats and Love - Free


Please Note:

A)  We reserve the right to refuse service to overly aggressive dogs, for the protection of our customers as well as our surrounding community.

B)  Customers who are more than 15 minutes late for appointments may be asked to re-schedule if we feel that we cannot groom their dog within the time frame that was originally scheduled.   The Wash Dog will try to contact late customers by telephone at 10 minutes past their appointment time to assess the circumstances.  We will do everything possible to take a late dog, if it does not inconvenience the next customer appointment.

C)  Customers who have not picked up their dogs within 2.5 hours of being contacted that grooming/bathing services have been completed, may be charged a $25 boarding fee for subsequent hours.  As a small shop we have limited space for holding dogs.  Neither do we have a controlled outdoor space for elimination.

D)  Walk-in services include nail trims/dremels, paw scoops, self-service bathing, bang trims, tooth brushing, ear cleaning and advice.   Due to time constraints on our groomers we can no longer accept face trims, full paw trims or other services without an appointment.


Loyalty Program

Don’t forget about our Self-Service Loyalty Program. After 10 washes, your next one is free!

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Multiple Dogs Same Room

Bring them to The Wash Dog and bathe them for $25 for the first dog plus only $10 per additional dog! (Same room.)

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